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SEO vs PPC – Which Strategy Works Best for Your Business

Setting up a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate business website doesn’t guarantee a strong online presence and an improved number of sales. You still need to find ways to attract your target audience to buy from you. To help your potential customers find your website when they’re actively looking for products and services, you can use…
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2021 SEO Trends

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic on a website in an organic way. To enhance your digital marketing, it should be your priority to appear on the first page of the search engine result pages. As we know, the Google algorithm now focuses on 3…
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Using PPC marketing to hit your marketing goals

PPC is an internet marketing model in which the advertisers pay a certain fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Since the inception of this concept in 2002, it has been dynamic all the time. Although there is no certainty that we can rely on some areas only, we have come up with…
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How to do international link building

The use of search engines has increased exponentially in everyone’s day to day work as well as life. Dependability over search engine is so high that on average approximately 3.5 Billion searches are made daily on Google. If a person is standing on a street, he can look only at the shops on the street but in…
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Digital Marketing Check up

Digital marketing health checks now available!

I hope everybody has started to get back on their feet after what seems like an eternity of pandemic uncertainty. It’s been a tough time for nearly all businesses of all sizes, and whilst it’s going to be a tough sell, now is an important time to look ahead and start approaching 2021 with some…
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SEO Infographic SEO Consultant

10 Step Guide To Doing SEO Yourself

10 Steps to better SEO for your site Undoubtedly it pays off to have an expert working on your SEO, however if you are short on cash and have some of your own time to invest in your website here are ten steps you can take to improve your keyword rankings and increase your traffic.…
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New Google Search Console out of beta testing – what’s new?

Beta testing complete, the new, improved Search Console gives us new features such as Manual Actions Report & Live URL Tests It’s been under review since the start of the year and now it’s finally getting rolled out with features which should make users’ lives that little bit easier. Just in case you’re not all…
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Youtube logo on Iphone

YouTube launches vertical video ads for TrueView

YouTube changes mobile ad-experience with Vertical Ad optimisations – Universal app campaigns will also get a piece of the pie in the update. So how much of a big deal is this? Well, given than 75% of YT videos are viewed on mobile devices, and more and more videos are appearing in vertical format it’s…
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18 years on Google AdWords changes it’s name to…….Google Ads.

18 years on Google AdWords changes it’s name to…….Google Ads. OK so perhaps not the most exciting tech news, but it does that Google are looking to mix things up a bit The name change is part of a major re-branding campaign, according to Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Ads & Commerce at Google, to…
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