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New Google Search Console out of beta testing – what’s new?

New Google Search Console out of beta testing – what’s new?

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Beta testing complete, the new, improved Search Console gives us new features such as Manual Actions Report & Live URL Tests

It’s been under review since the start of the year and now it’s finally getting rolled out with features which should make users’ lives that little bit easier. Just in case you’re not all together familiar with Search Console, you can currently use it for:

  • checking your own website via the index coverage report
  • a review of Search Analytics data from the last 16 months via the performance report
  • checking links to your page (internal and external)
  • checking and update information about crawling, indexing, sitemaps, robots etc. of your URLs through the URL Punch tool
  • receiving automatic alerts on crawling, indexing, AMP issues and more
  • Understanding HTML on your site Google believes needs repair

So all in all, pretty nifty.

What’s new

The manual action report has been optimised in the new release – this can be used to survey current actions which need to be looked at to make sure your site is displaying in search results correctly:

While the URL checking tool has been available to users for some time, a review can now be performed in “live mode”. If a problem is resolved live, Google can be asked directly to re-crawl and index the page.

The verdict: these may seem like pretty small changes, but they really emphasize how powerful this underused tool really is in making sure your site passes muster in the eyes of Google. Even more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to rectify any issues on the spot and re-submit for indexing.
That’s pretty cool.