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SEO remains one of the most sustainable and cost-effective digital marketing channels available to businesses today. When implemented correctly, your website can be a consistent source of leads and business month in, month out.

Seeing as over 90% of online interactions begin with a search engine query it makes sense to make sure your site is getting as much search visibility as possible. Unlike days of yore when blackhat techniques were the norm, a lot has changed for modern SEOs. Best practice, quality original content and a clear outreach plan for link building are required for a successful project.

Whether it’s highly localised traffic to generate more enquiries for your practice or an improve global presence to boost sales for your e-commerce store, there is an effective strategy for you.

It all begins with a call. Fill in a contact form and I will be happy to schedule an appointment to find out more about your website.

SEO Strategy

Technical Optimisation

Content and Link Building

A battle-hardened SEO process

With over a decade’s experience in managing SEO campaigns, I’ve worked hard to create a process which can deliver on results every time.

Understanding your business processes

Knowing how your business operates, what you want to be found for and how your website drives revenue is a vital factor in deciding on KPIs and what successful campaign looks like. Every project starts with an in-depth fact find to establish your priorities and what you want to see from the coming months.

Site overview and competitor benchmark

Every business has a unique playing field with different competitors. At this stage we will identify any onsite errors which could be hampering performance, evaluate your backlink profile and domain strength, and compare your currently ranked keywords with your competitors. For here we have a vantage point enabling us to gauge where efforts need to be invested and whether any open opportunities lie.

Keyword research

Finding the right keywords to target for the next 12 months will make or break an SEO campaign. Here, we find out what you customers are currently searching for and put together a winning combination of conversion-ready keywords to focus on.

Website technical and content audit

Your website is run over with a fine tooth-combe to weed out any technical issues such as broken links, missing canonicals, un-optimised meta data and slow loading pages. Laying solid foundations will ensure your site is search engine friendly and best positioned to convert visitors into customers.

SEO onsite Implementation

Once your audit document is complete, tasks will be prioritised and presented to you for sign-off before I implement these changes to your website.

Creative content ideas & copywriting

Once your site has been updated, its time to put together a content strategy which will drive forward our target keywords, engage site visitors and boost your domain’s authority. I create all your content by hand whether it is customised images, short explainer videos or outstanding blog articles.

Link Building

Content will only get you so far – any serious ongoing SEO campaign needs link-building to gain proper traction. I only build white hat links from quality domains to ensure no spam or algorithm penalisations.

Digital PR

Guest Blogging

Manual Outreach

Monthly Reporting & A/B Testing

Just as you’d expect, you’ll receive a monthly report highlighting key metrics, what we’ve achieved and what to expect next month. My phone is always on though if you want to talk about how things are going throughout the month.

Find out how I can help you bring your website to life.