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YouTube launches vertical video ads for TrueView

YouTube launches vertical video ads for TrueView

Youtube logo on Iphone

YouTube changes mobile ad-experience with Vertical Ad optimisations – Universal app campaigns will also get a piece of the pie in the update.

So how much of a big deal is this? Well, given than 75% of YT videos are viewed on mobile devices, and more and more videos are appearing in vertical format it’s kind of a big deal that this hasn’t already happened.


Youtube has already released a desktop update to improve vertical content viewing; if you haven’t got a clue what I’m on about take a look at the below image:

Ali Miller, Group Product Manager for Video Ads on YouTube made the following statement after the update release: “To engage these viewers effectively with TrueView and Universal App campaigns, it is important to adapt to their viewing behaviors and create a variety of different video ads – including square and vertical videos.”

As well as TrueView, the new format should be appearing on Google’s Universal Ad Campaigns allowing you to take advantage of it cross-platform.


“A smooth advertising experience produces results in a way that fits their viewing preferences. And, they are all adding horizontal and horizontal video assets to the same brand for maximum brand lift impact.” According to YouTube.

If you want to start taking advantage of these updates make your clear on the specs you need to adhere to. Google recommends the following:

“To best serve video ads on different devices, you should create creative with different aspect ratios for video and universal app campaigns…Landscape 16: 9…Either 9:16 (portrait) or 1: 1 (square) or both.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that central messages should not appear in the top 10 or bottom 25 percent of the video ads because they are most often truncated or overlooked.